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What Do the Red Sox Need at the Trade Deadline?

Now that we’re done basking in the glow of yesterday’s thrilling come from behind win, and the team supposedly flew to Seattle without the benefit of an airplane, we turn our attention to today’s 4pm Non-Waiver Trade Deadline.

To figure out what the organization seeks, we only need to look at recent deals and who is on the Disabled List.

1. Bullpen help (Koji Uehara): With Koji not likely to return soon, and with two former starters in the bullpen (do we trust either???), this has to be the number one need. With Ziegler, Barnes and Kimbrel solidly at the back end, the middle and long roles need shoring up.
2. Outfield: (Chris Young, Blake Swihart): Bryce Brentz is a nice fill-in, don’t get me wrong, but it is my belief that the organization feels they are better with Brock Holt in his super-sub role. However, a 39-year old Carlos Beltran patrolling left field at Fenway is a question mark in my estimation.
3. Starting Pitching (none): With the recent acquisition of Drew Pomeranz, the Sox have three quality lefthanders in the bullpen. With Steven Wright and ace Rick Porcello (you heard me, Ace) rounding out the rotation, you don’t have a candidate to move to the bullpen. This is a solid bunch, and to package one of them for Chris Sale would a waste of a deal.

Now it’s your turn. You have until 4pm EST to weigh in and play Trader Dave Dombrowski. Comments?

Red Sox Wrong to Scratch Lester

Jon Lester is still a Red Sox. Still is a part of the team and the organization.

This time of year is difficult because many players know they’re in the conversation at the deadline. Probably a part of many conversations. But at this point, the Red Sox are concerned that if Lester gets injured, they will lose the opportunity to trade him.

What are the odds he’s going to get injured? Probably none.

What’s the worst that could happen? He’s being held out of today’s game. The team has been extremely resistant to giving up prospects from the “deepest minor league system in baseball.” And a deal doesn’t happen.

They just took a player who, since Spring Training, has openly stated he wants to be in Boston (when was the last time that happened during anyone’s contract year???). And they didn’t return any measure of reciprocity. None. They already disrespected him with their $75 million dollar deal. Paltry, I say.

Just by pitching him tonight, the Red Sox could say we’re listening to offers, and you’re still an integral part of this organization. Did I mention two World Series wins and a stunning post season ERA?

If Lester gets traded today or tomorrow, Elsbury needs to make dinner reservations in New York for after Jon Lester’s introduction at Yankee Stadium this winter. Isn’t that enough incentive, JTL?