Red Sox Wrong to Scratch Lester

Jon Lester is still a Red Sox. Still is a part of the team and the organization.

This time of year is difficult because many players know they’re in the conversation at the deadline. Probably a part of many conversations. But at this point, the Red Sox are concerned that if Lester gets injured, they will lose the opportunity to trade him.

What are the odds he’s going to get injured? Probably none.

What’s the worst that could happen? He’s being held out of today’s game. The team has been extremely resistant to giving up prospects from the “deepest minor league system in baseball.” And a deal doesn’t happen.

They just took a player who, since Spring Training, has openly stated he wants to be in Boston (when was the last time that happened during anyone’s contract year???). And they didn’t return any measure of reciprocity. None. They already disrespected him with their $75 million dollar deal. Paltry, I say.

Just by pitching him tonight, the Red Sox could say we’re listening to offers, and you’re still an integral part of this organization. Did I mention two World Series wins and a stunning post season ERA?

If Lester gets traded today or tomorrow, Elsbury needs to make dinner reservations in New York for after Jon Lester’s introduction at Yankee Stadium this winter. Isn’t that enough incentive, JTL?

Red Sox Frustrations and Suggestions

Let me get this straight. You have Bogaerts at short. Holt playing pretty well at third. You bring in Stephen Drew to play short…for $10 million…only against righties… and Jonathan Herrera starts at short against righties… Really??? Can you see a team going deep into the playoffs with Jonathan Herrera starting at short stop???

Left side of the infield should have been Holt and Bogaerts. I would have never signed Drew. He didn’t want the $14.1 million that no one else was going to offer. I would say Drew and Boras are darn lucky he’s playing at all.

Workman has pitched darn good as a starter. De La Rosa definitely has his feet wet. Dubront and Buchholz are getting ready at Pawtucket. Workman stays in the rotation. De La Rosa should be sent down, but expect at least one more appearance this year. Decide which one (Buccholz or Dubront) comes up as the fifth starter and the other stays at Pawtucket. If Workman is removed from the rotation, I give up. And I hope Dubront stays at Pawtucket.

Grady Sizemore’s days HAVE to be numbered, I’m sorry to say. Thirteen days from now, $250k gets tacked on to his salary. For every 25 plate appearances from 225 to 500, he earns an additional $250k. He’s over 200 now, and is hitting .216. When Victorino comes back, he reclaims right field. Jackie Bradley has to continue at center, if only to solidify the future. Platoon Gomes and Nava in left and go with whoever is hot.

A split with Cleveland? Give me a break Sox!!!

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